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About our Instructors

Master Stephanie Causby started her martial arts training as a young girl when she was invited to a class by one of her friends at school.  Though the training was difficult, she knew right away that martial arts was going to be a key part of her life from that point forward.  She continued her training through middle and highschool and transferred to a new studio when she went to NC State where she earned her Masters Degree in reproductive physiology and genetics.  Before transitioning to be a full time martial arts instructor, she had an amazing career serving families in the area of fertility and conception.   


Master Ben Causby started his martial arts training shortly after highschool when he met his first instructor on a mission trip to Trinidad.  At that time, he was forced to take a semester off from his studies at NC State where he was pursing a degree in Mechanical Engineering because he couldn't afford to attend.  After the mission trip, he started training the next week.  In retrospect, the situation of taking a semester off due to finances that seemed so bleak at the time, resulted in him finding his life's passion in martial arts and he met a young lady named Stephanie Miller in his first class.  She was a third degree Black Belt when he was a white belt but eventually they would get married and start Causby Karate Academy together!  He did return to NC State the following semester and graduated in 3.5 years despite missing one semester.  

Several years later, they moved to the Lake Norman area and when their instructor retired, they decided to start their own studio.  In 2008 they started Causby Karate Academy teaching out of their home.  After a year and with a few neighborhood kids training with them, they moved the studio to a local gym and taught in the group fitness room.  A few years later the studio had grown to about 60 students and while the gym was very generous with the times they allowed for classes, in order to best serve the students and have room for growth, the Causbys knew they needed a full time space for the academy.  In March 2013 they held their first class in their permanent location where classes are still held today.  The school continued to grow eventually forcing both of them to leave their careers and devote themselves completely to training and teaching in order to give their students the very best possible martial arts education.  Training and teaching has taken them all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia often traveling with some of their students!  

Our state of the art studio offers two separate training floors, professional equipment, and a safe/encouraging learning atmosphere for all students.  Come and get started on your path today!

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